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Published: 31st October 2012
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Mustang performance parts enable you to keep your pony car at its maximum speed and responsiveness to your touch. Although Roush Mustang GT parts and accessories are regarded as being among the best, and certainly genuine, there are others that can also be used to keep your pony car in perfect condition.

We shall provide some comments below on how you can keep your Ford Mustang in great condition by purchasing original parts rather than copies, and how to retain the special features of your car as it ages. First, however, let's have a look at what the Ford Mustang is and how it developed before explaining what you should do when it refuses to perform.

History of the Ford Mustang Pony Car
By 1964, large muscle cars were being replaced by smaller automobiles with big engines - good-looking power packs that delivered the power they seemed to promise. The Ford Mustang that hit the roads was like comparing a fast pony to a carthorse, and it was not long until the Mustang racked up 2 million sales in its first two years of life. Its attraction was in its smaller size, good looks and the powered it delivered. 

Unlike a large Chevy it was easy to park and possessed a thrilling 'sporty' look. Even the name suggested a wildness about it that young men of the day could use to impress their girls. The success of this car led to a growing demand for Mustang GT parts and accessories.

High Performance with Comfort
The term GT (Grand Tourist or Grande Tourismo) refers to a high performance car that also offers comfort. Such GT cars can offer race car performance, but more comfort in the seating and ancillary equipment than a race car. The GT designation was suspended by Ford in 1969, but was then resurrected in 1982, when the 1982 Mustang was equipped with a 5 liter V-8 engine, leading to the GT 5.0 Fox Body Mustangs that were sought after in the 1980s -1990s.

The 2012 Ford Mustang offers the power of 412 horses from its 5 Liter 8-valve engine, and is a magnificent example of what Ford can do with a headline pony car. That aside, what happens when you need parts? Are they easy to find? Yes and no - they are available but you must beware of fakes, and not all Mustang performance parts offered online or even offline, are the genuine article.

To be sure of acquiring genuine Ford Mustang GT parts, you should make certain that the seller has a good knowledge of Mustang - particularly of the Mustang GT. Roush Mustang parts are genuine and you can trust them, just as you can trust several other American manufactures to offer you the genuine articles.

Get the Mustang GT Parts Right for the Model
When you purchase Mustang parts and accessories, you have to be certain that they are genuine Ford parts and not a knock-off from half-way round the world. You can only be certain that the part will function correctly in your car if it has been manufactured for that design of car. 

A Roush Mustang 2012 part might not perform so well in your 2010 Mustang GT! Nevertheless, if you are looking for aftermarket performance parts for your Ford Mustang GT pony car, then Roush can generally offer what you are seeking. Since the GT was introduced into the range it has been associated with power and performance, and is the ultimate pony car you buy.

Cars such as the Shelby GT500 get their power from carefully machined parts that fit together perfectly. Unless you replace like with like or better, you are sure to lose some of that power and performance. Even cheap accessories with no connection with the performance of a car can detract from its looks and make a superb car look ordinary.

Mustang Performance Parts
Take wheels and rims, for example. Original Alcoa wheels can cost a bomb, but they sure look good on your car. Factory OEM rims are generally better to use when replacing wheels, although many will go for cheaper alloys. Although they may look roughly the same as the genuine OEM rims, they usually lack the weight and the sparkle of the originals. 

Genuine Ford Mustang wheels can also be purchased with a super-coating that renders them more resistant to tarnishing in wet or salty conditions. The classic or black Bullitt Mustang wheels also look great as do the black Cobra wheels.

Whether you are looking for a new set of rims, a take-off clutch or a Roush supercharger, it pays to purchase genuine Mustang GT parts. Roush Mustang parts are genuine OEM aftermarket parts that are sure to fit your pony car perfectly and help maintain it at the level of performance you would expect of new car.

It is important that, when you have a need for Mustang performance parts, they are genuine OEM parts. You will find little more genuine than Roush Mustang parts for your pony car.

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