Google Penguin Algorithm: Importance of a Web Content Writer

Published: 27th June 2012
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The new Google Penguin algorithm update has emphasized the importance of a web content writer in generating good website content and in article marketing promotional campaigns.

Google Penguin is fishing for websites containing content generated by software or spinning techniques, and those whose links come predominantly from one or two sources. Many web pages are being delisted, and some businesses are being ruined because of this. What is this algorithm update, and what is the importance of a web content writer in this respect?

Google claims the update to be a natural extension of the Panda update of February 2011, and another step forward in combating web spam. It appears that Google's spam analysis has included statistical analysis of the vocabulary used by spammers employing Gmail. Many web pages containing that vocabulary have suffered under Penguin.

Fundamentally, the Google Penguin algorithm update tackles web pages that are being promoted using 'black hat' SEO techniques. Such methods include linking from link farms, purchasing backlinks, hidden text, keyword stuffing, certain internal lining strategies, poor use of canonical relationships, the use of software to generate content and more.

It is now more important than ever that your website content and articles are original and written naturally by a web content writer that understands the terms of the Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. If Google intends improving the experience of its visitors searching for information, then multiple listings differing only by several synonym changes will be targeted - as, in fact, they are - and natural manually-generate original web content will be rewarded.

Whether your website content is in the form of a web page or an article published on article directories, it is even more important now that it is created manually and not by software, and that you use a web content writer experience in that type of work. Scraped articles are being hunted down by the Google algorithms, particularly those which are generated from snippets of other content published online or spun by changing individual words.

Many will deny this of course, although I prefer to believe Google than those that create a market for such software. Spintax will likely survive, as long as the number of variable fields takes up a large part of the word count: Varying just 25% of the words in a single article will be unlikely to pass duplicate content filters in future.

However, in spite of all the above, the main focus of Google Penguin appears to be on a lack of diversity in backlink sources. If all your backlinks are from Ezine Articles, for example, then your site may suffer. It is important to have as many backlinks as possible, but these should be from a diverse range of sources and also include diverse anchor text.

Do not use the same anchor text in all your articles, and also vary the landing pages. This has generally always been the case, but the Penguin algorithm update has focused Googlebot's attention on this aspect of linking strategy.

By using an experienced web content writer or article ghostwriter, your content will not only be original and non-duplicate, but will also be optimized correctly for the relevant keywords. By utilizing a professional article submission service, submitting to large numbers of publications, you can be sure that any spinning exceeds 50% difference (30% is minimum), and that the anchor text and landing pages vary. This would also meet the Penguin requirement of diversity in backlink sources. As always with Google, write manually and naturally and you will be fine.

If you need help to meet the requirements of the Google Penguin algorithm update, Pete can help you with your website content and article submission. Pete is a web content writer who combines his ghostwriting skills with an article submission service to enable you to keep the Google Penguin and Panda happy.

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